Awards & Certifications

GFOA Awards

2016 GFOA Award for Excellence

2015 GFOA Award for Excellence

Non-Financial and Compliance Audits

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Corrections continued to grant unconditional certification to the Authority following its triennial inspection in January 2017.  The Authority was awarded recognition for 100% compliance with all applicable standards.  This certification was originally granted in 1993.
  • Certification inspections are conducted every three years and unannounced Life, Health and Safety (LHS) inspections are conducted annually.   The last Life, Health and Safety inspection was conducted in July 2016 and the Authority was in 100% compliance with applicable standards.
  • The United States Marshals Service continued to grant unconditional certification to the Authority following its annual inspections of the facility with 100% compliance.  The USMS audit was completed on May 2016.
  • The last Federal Bureau of Prisons inspection was conducted on April 2016 for BOP and the Authority was in 100% compliance with applicable standards.
  • The LIDS Compliance audit was conducted in June 2016 with 100% compliance.
  • The PREA audit was completed in September 2015 with 100% compliance.
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice completed their audit in August 2015 with 100% compliance.
  • As part of our new medical program, we have attained our Pharmacy Registration from the Board of Pharmacy for the State of Virginia in February 2016.
  • In our continuing efforts to reduce recidivism and to help our inmates successfully transition to being a productive member of society, we offer the following programs with the number of participants through our Education Department who successfully completed those programs for the last Fiscal Year: 2016 - 2017

Education and Programs to Reduce Recidivism

  • Special Education 15 (Teaching individuals with IEP’s or Special Needs)
  • Transition 10 (Teaching inmates not fitting normal criteria’s) Ex. Low reading ability by not Special Ed.
  • General Education 72 - Earned GED’s 8
  • Career Education 105 (Focuses on Careers, Health, Interviewing process, History etc.)
  • Career Readiness Certificate 7 (Preparing inmates for Workforce Skills)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous 90 (Focuses on recovery and detoxification)
  • Substance abuse 468 (Provide treatment methods to help overcome additive symptoms)
  • Anger Management 451(Understanding life triggers and how to deal with them)
  • Community Health 85 (Teaches prevention/recognition of venereal diseases and STD’s)
  • Seeking Safety 286 (Understanding beginning trauma & coping with them)
  • Re-Entry – Life Skills 184 males and 20 females (Preparing inmates for readjustment into society)
  • Re-Entry Pathways From bondage 50 (Building resumes’, Identifying needs for release into society)
  • Re-Entry Mobil Counseling 65 (Assist Individuals with mental health issues even upon release)
  • Parenting 568 (Teaches inmates the proper way to motivate and discipline youthful children)
  • Females Building Bridges 96 (Reconnecting mother and child through recorded readings of baby books)
  • Women Empowerment Workshop 73 (Helping women to believe in themselves – decision making)
  • Building Resilience in the Community “BRC” 45 – Building Self-esteem and Fortitude
  • BOOM 82 Domestic Violence on Women
  • Juvenile Life Skills/Gang Prevention 77 (Teaches the youth coping skills and better decision making and effects of various topics: gang violence, interviewing process)
  • Juvenile Mental Health 40 (Group counseling sessions)
  • Trauma 20 (Returning Class) Exploring the extreme stress or PTSD of the past and developing coping skills.